RMC Connections

As we see the multitudes that come each week to be ministered to, we are passionate about engaging as many people as possible on a personal level and encouraging them to walk daily with God.

RMC Connections exists to make disciples by making big church small through Small Groups. Small Groups are gatherings of members that examine and discuss the weekend message focusing on personal application. Small Groups meet in homes throughout the greater Colorado Springs area to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We realize that some have never been involved in this type of group before and that the idea of going to a different home with other people can be frightening.  If this is you, take heart; you are not alone.  Flowing with love and grace, our groups are designed to help you feel welcome and included. Check out our Boot Camp Teachings, which are short teachings on small group dynamics, to better prepare your integration into a small group. Read the group bios, map locations, and then email the group leader to begin fellowship within RMC Connections.


Small Group Fellowships are small groups of believers who meet in homes throughout Colorado Springs and surrounding areas for fellowship and to grow in their relationship with Jesus.