Finding ways to plug in and serve the body of believers at RMC.   

  • Single event opportunities – Great ways to be involved on an event-by-event basis with no long term commitment.  These opportunities are typically something you can quickly sign up for and then show up to serve.
  • Volunteer positions that are ongoing – Typically require a time commitment as your involvement meets needs on a regular basis.   Most ongoing opportunities require a background check, references and an interview.  For these opportunities RMC should be your church home for at least 3 months.

Are you interested in knowing more?  Click one of the buttons below and check out how you can serve!  Each opportunity lists the necessary requirements to serve.

Volunteer – RMC Campus    Volunteer – Ellicott Campus

Note: All volunteer positions that are ongoing (not related to a single event) require references.  Applicants are responsible for contacting references and ensuring they are completed.  Most application delays are due to RMC not receiving reference information.